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This blog follows the career and personal interests of myself, Adrian L Kennedy III, and is often focused on finance, technology and growth.

I am a licensed financial professional and a markets, technology and software development enthusiast. The kid in grade school that was running a school store that sold supplies, snacks and candy was me in school.

Since grade school, I’ve graduated from Norfolk State University and have worked in several finance and technology related positions including my current roles. I’ve also helped found and was the Chief Investment Officer for a Managed Commodity firm that specialized in Spot Forex and Spot Precious Metals Markets.

Beyond my career, I enjoy reading, traveling and discovering new things. There are few substitutes for the information and perspective gained from reading about the lives and thoughts of others and using the learned knowledge to improve your own life. I see reading and education as a way to compress multiple lifetimes into one by learning from the successes and failures of others. This mindset of learning through experience is the same mindset I take when traveling and resulted in me living in Melbourne, Australia and Hanoi, Vietnam because I wanted to gain a global perspective on international economics and social trends from the ground up. Some things can be read about in a book but real world experience is the best way to learn some things and no book can show you trends as they are happening.

Below you’ll find a link to my interactive resumé which also contains publications and other documents I’ve contributed to.


Disclaimer: The information on this site is provided for educational purposes only and should not be considered investment advice nor a recommendation to buy or sell individual securities.